They said it couldn’t be done… they said it shouldn’t be done…

Okay, no one actually said anything, but WE DID IT ANYWAY!!! Enjoy in all its YouTube crappiness:

or see it as Nature intended in all its glorious-sort-of-medium-def resolution on HoserluTV!!

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And while you wait for Part Two, here’s an extra little something to tide you over:

Nobody said WHICH Star Trek movie, now did they…

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STFTW poster

Back by polite indifference! Because few wanted to see it! The long awaited sequel to “Star Trek: The Mego Picture,” “Star Trek: The Mego Picture II: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched Your Thigh.” Part I debuts April 1st!

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From the vaults of Hoserlu, a rare restoration of an early anaglyphic 3D short from infamous animator Oswald Larsen Andrews, father of L.O. Andrews. Red/Blue anaglyphic glasses required (you know, the kind that came with that 3D comic you bought last year or pulled out of a cereal box when you were eight. Also available here).

View with caution: Not responsible for resulting loss of vision or madness.


Enjoy our first video at YouTube. Or don’t. We make the same amount of money either way.